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Dukane Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer and marketer of advanced technology products.

In it’s primary function it designs, manufactures and supplies advanced technology plastic welding solutions used in manufacturing operations throughout the major industrial regions of the world. In addition they develop and apply their high power ultrasonic technology to other industrial applications such as cutting tacky and abrasive materials, welding of metal components, sieving, and fluid processing.

Trade Names:

iQ, iQ LinQ, iQ Explorer, iQ Servo, iQ Dual Servo, iPosition, Melt Match, Dynamic Velocity Melt Initiation (DVMI), Dynamic Process Controller (DPC), IPC, UltraCom

Fight against COVID-19. Assemble PPE with Ultrasonic Bonding

Ultrasonic Bonding PPE & Medical Devices

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic bonding technology offers unique solutions for a variety of applications in medical disposable, hygiene, and personal care industry:

  • Ultrasonic probe systems for Automated Mask making machinery: Intermittent or continuous bonding useful in the production of face masks, bonds around rigid parts (e.g., metal nose bands) and bonds non-thermoplastic components like cotton and elastic components into other face mask materials.
  • Garment Seaming: Rotary or continiuos bonding system can be used to make intricate seams on medical disposable garments.
  • Ultrasonic Plunge Bonding for ear-loops, perimeter of face masks, and straps with composite sonotrode.
  • Ultrasonic Plunge Bonding for Respirator filters & cut seal.

Dukane’s iQ AiM™ Ultrasonic Generator is Industry 4.0 ready for modern manufacturing challenges. Industry leading accuracy and repeatability with upgraded 3rd Generation hardware and firmware. Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuitry provides > 92% power efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operating costs. Combined with our rotary ultrasonic bonding technology iQ AiMTM can seal nonwovens/films over 800 meters per minute.


N-95 Mask


Ultrasonic Cut Sealing


Face Mask PPE



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Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic plastic assembly is the joining or reforming of thermoplastics through the use of heat generated from hight frequency mechanical motion. It is accomplished by converting electrical energy into high frequency mechanical motion (vibrations) that creates frictional heat at the joint area. The vibrations, when applied to a part under pressure/force, create frictional heat at the interface and cause the plastic in the joint area to melt, creating a molecular bond between the plastic components. This process is called The Ultrasonic Welding.

Ultrasonic Welding Process

Advantages of Ultrasonic Assembly

  • Short Cycle Times = Increased Though-put
  • Possibility to use the sealing process to monitor quality control
  • Low energy consumption
  • Clean and simple to maintain
  • Ultrasonics can seal through remnants like drops of liquid, or small amounts of powder or fibrous material that may be in the seal area
  • Ultrasonic process does not require adhesives and/or solvents
  • Reduced costs
  • Less energy required than traditional heat sealers.
  • Narrower weld seams are possible thus saving packaging material

Ultrasonic welding is used in many industries

  • Automotive Welding


    If it has been welded on an automobile, chances are, it's been made with a Dukane product. Our equipment can create many automotive components from complex door panels, dashboards, lights and lenses to bumpers and grills EVERYTHING in between.

  • Thermoplastic Welding

    Film & Fabric

    Typical thermoplastic materials found in fabrics and films include acrylics, nylon, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinylchloride, and urethane. Products in many industries benefit from the fabric & film processing techniques.

  • Ultrasonic package sealing


    Ultrasonic package sealing occurs when high frequency (ultrasonic) mechanical energy is transferred into two or more layers of thermoplastic materials. Both hermetic and peelable seals can be achieved with ultrasonic sealing systems - all 100% digitally controlled.

  • iQ Series Servo Driven Ultrasonic Welding


    Dukane’s iQ Series Servo Driven Ultrasonic Welder, with patented Melt-Match® technology, has a proven track-record of delivering quality results in welding medical parts like valves, ports, filters, surgical instruments and implant devices.

  • Micro Industry Welding

    Micro Industry

    Small Parts Sometimes Require BIG Solutions. Our patented, 100% digitally controlled generator, ultra-rigid Mini press, coupled with the iQ Explorer user-interface provide superior accuracy and ease of use.

Processing Techniques

Ultrasonic Bonding

Ultrasonic Bonding

Ultrasonic bonding assembles two or more layers of materials by passing them between a vibrating horn and a rotary drum (often referred to as ananvil). The rotary drum is usually made from hardened steel and has a pattern of raised areas machined into it.

Ultrasonic Slitting

Ultrasonic Slitting

When a thermoplastic material is slit ultrasonically, its edges are also sealed. Sealing the edges of a woven fabric is beneficial because the yarns are prevented from unraveling and the smooth, beveled edges prevent buildup of the roll material.

Ultrasonic Plunge

Ultrasonic Plunge

In the plunge method, the material remains in a fixed location and is periodically contacted by the horn. The horn operates perpendicular to the material that is on the anvil. The horn can also be used to cut and seal.

Rotary Sealing

Rotary Sealing

Dukane's Rotary 30kHz Ultrasonic Sonotrode (Horn) is ideal for sealing thin films and non woven materials. The unit can be easily integrated into automation. The Rotary horn design eliminates drag issues associated with conventional static ultrasonic sonotrodes.

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Vibration Welding

Vibration Welding

Vibration Welding is a highly reliable process that can handle large parts in challenging materials or multiple parts per cycle with ease.

Engineered to be tough, dependable and provide years of troublefree service, Dukane’s Advanced Vibration Welders are built for the long haul.

Linear vibration welders require no additional materials and provide energy efficient operation with permanent assembly and hermetic sealing. Other advantages include large part capability, internal joints, immediate handling, high production rates and entrapment of other parts. These vibration welders can handle painted and mold release parts.

Optional Tooling Accessories

  • Micrometer adjustment of X-Y position.
  • Roller bearing system for ease of tool changes.
  • Mechanical camlock slides.
  • Tool recognition.
  • Quick change plate.

Vibration Tooling

  • High quality tooling built in-house where stringent quality control is supported by Dukane technical personnel.
  • All tools undergo center of mass and drag analysis to ensure optimum running efficiency.
  • Consistent urethane coating thickness is achieved by casting to CAD models.
  • Design reviews are a Dukane hallmark, ensuring customer requirements are met before cutting steel.
  • Project engineers provide accurate timelines and progress reports are required.
Type Lift table size Upper tool weight
4300 610 x 455 mm 9 - 30 kg
4500 991 x 455 mm 23 - 40 kg
4700 1320 x 610 mm 40 - 68 kg
4700 LPT6 1320 x 610 mm 27 - 81 kg
4900 1829 x 610 mm 50 - 90 kg
4900 LPT 1829 x 610 mm 27 - 81 kg
Type Lift table size Upper tool weight
5500 991 x 455 mm 23 - 40 kg
5700 1320 x 610 mm 40 - 68 kg
5700 LPT6 1320 x 610 mm 27 - 81 kg
5900 1829 x 610 mm 50 - 90 kg
5900 LPT 1829 x 610 mm 27 - 81 kg

Spin Welding

Spin Welding

What is Spin Welding?

The process of spin welding uses heat generated by rotational friction at the joint line to weld thermoplastic parts with rotationally symmetric joints.

The spin welding machine applies pressure axially while rotating one part against its stationary mate, and the resulting friction generates heat that melts the parts together.

Dukane Ultrasonics offers a range of advanced, high quality spin welders in stand alone or fully automated units for today's advanced applications. Dukane spin welders work with most thermoplastics, will accommodate large diameter parts, and easily achieve hermetic seals. Dukane's spin welders provide precise control of the melt temperature and contain the ability to weld large, complex parts.

The result: excellent weld strength and hermetic seals every time.

The most efficient method of joining circular parts is spin welding (Frictional Rotational process) which provides strong hermetically sealed bond. Dukane Intelligent Assembly Solutions offers a range of advanced, high quality spin welders in stand-alone or fully automated units for today's advanced applications.

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Hot Plate Welding

Hot Plate Welding

The ideal assembly solution for medium, contoured, or complex thermoplastic parts - hot plate welders.

Designed for versatility and easy tooling changeover to accommodate a variety of parts. Typical hot plate welding applications include fuel tanks, reservoirs, taillight lenses, and vent ducts. The hot plate welders easily achieve hermetic seals, and finished part weld strength approaching that of the virgin material.

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Thermal Presses

Thermal Presses

Thermal Presses heat the staking post/insert while applying pressure axially to permanently set the parts.

Specially made for the appliance industry, this work cell is designed to attach metal clips to the back of a cosmetic front panel. The heat staker simultaneously heat stakes two posts on each of eight clips securely attaching them to the panel.

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Laser Welding

Laser Welding

Laser welding of plastic parts has established itself as a robust, flexible and precise joining process.

Laser welding enables highly efficient and flexible assembly from a small-scale production of parts with complex geometries to a high volume industrial manufacturing, where it can be easily integrated into automation lines.

This highly repeatable and clean process with no relative parts movement during the welding cycle offers numerous advantages. Thanks to its localized heat input and low mechanical stresses, this process enables welding of sensitive assemblies in medical device manufacturing, industrial and consumer electronics and automotive components without damaging delicate inner components by heat or vibrations.

Advantages of laser welding

  • Minimal or no flash. Clean and aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • No particulate matter, residue, or other debris generation
  • Localized heat input
  • Non-contact process with minimal mechanical stress level on inner components during the weld
  • Excellent Bond Strength and Long-Term Stability
  • Hermetic seals are achievable
  • Reduced residual stress
  • Welding of complex shapes is possible
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Ultrasonic Cutting

Aerospace Industry

Precision Cutting of Carbon Fiber and other Aerospace Materials

As the world leader in Ultrasonic Cutting Technology, Dukane has been at the forefront of development within the Aerospace industry. We work with aerospace integrators to provide bespoke solutions for the cutting of many of the industries difficult and high-value materials. A wide selection of blades and cutting discs combined with our proprietary cutting systems makes Dukane the supplier of choice to many of the world's leading aerospace builders.

Food Industry

Ultrasonic food processing involves a vibrating knife (guillotine) producing a nearly frictionless surface to which food products do not stick nor deform. The surface cleanly cuts or slits products including fillers such as nuts, raisins, dried fruit or chocolate morsels without displacement or ploughing. Ultrasonic cutting is used by many of the world’s largest and most prestigious food producers. It is safe, reliable and yields a higher quality finished product with minimized cleaning.

Food Products Guide

Ultrasonic Food Cutting is used for many food types

  • Cheese Cutting


    Virtually all types of cheese can be cut successfully with ultrasonics. Ultrasonic cutting will provide better finishes, create less crumbling and reduce downtime due to cleanup or product sticking to the blade surface.

  • Pate Cutting


    All types of patés and formed meat products may be cut successfully with ultrasonics. Usually product should be chilled to improve the process; however, each application is unique.

  • Fruit Bar Cutting


    Formed and extruded bar products, as well as other, non-brittle confectionery products may be cut with excellent results. Nuts, raisins and other inclusions usually have little or no influence on the cutting process.

  • Ultrasonic Cake Cutting


    Multi-layer, multi-density cakes are the most common products in this category. Ultrasonics can provide outstanding, aesthetic cuts to high-value cake and bakery products. Soft creams and even inclusions such as nuts or raisins can be accommodated.

  • Ultrasonic Sandwich Cutting


    Baguette or square sandwiches can be effortlessly cut with ultrasonics. Meats, cheeses, vegetables can be cut evenly and cleanly without disturbing the layers or compressing the bread.

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